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1ISPs with the name: HISTORY  [Query from India]137
2ISPs with the domain: ICOM  [Query from Singapore]116
3ISPs with the name: 6501  [Query from Panama]3
4ISPs with the domain: SAFARICOM  [Query from Kenya]17
5ISPs with the name: TALIDO  [Query from Turkey]2
6ISPs with the name: STAR  [Query from United States]5,697
7ISPs with the name: DIGICEL  [Query from United States]44
8ISPs with the domain: QQ.COM  [Query from India]4
9ISPs with the name: HUNTING  [Query from Pakistan]40
10ISPs with the name: JAZZ  [Query from Pakistan]144
11ISPs with the name: OCEAN.COM  [Query from India]2
12ISPs with the name: INDIA  [Query from India]6,909
13ISPs with the name: TENCENT  [Query from Japan]35
14ISPs with the name: NEXTRA  [Query from India]55
15ISPs with the domain: NEXTRAWORLD.COM  [Query from India]4
16ISPs with the domain: DIGITALOCEAN  [Query from India]8
17ISPs with the domain: DIGITAL  [Query from India]1,706
18ISPs with the domain: INC  [Query from India]612
19ISPs with the domain: YAHOO  [Query from India]177
20ISPs with the name: YAHOO  [Query from India]91
21ISPs with the domain: GOOGLE  [Query from India]185
22ISPs with the name: GOOGLE  [Query from India]239